Work In Progress 🚧

Work In Progress 🚧


WIP helped me become more efficient. I joined WIP on Oct 14th 2017 & look what happened:

Rescue Time By Category

In 2016 I decided to go back to the office life. I found a job as a Senior Backend Software Engineer at ResearchGate & moved to Berlin.


After almost a year, I figured that I can't go back to the office environment so I asked to work remotely. Fortunately, I got a refusal which made me quit. I ended up doing remote freelance for the same company - 2 days per week for ~6 months & another ~6 months with 1 day per week.

Although I have been doing remote before, this time it was different. Mainly because I`m way more motivated & clear about my future goals, which made me more efficient. I have slowly built a daily routine which helps me achieve my goals. This doesn't mean that my routine is perfect - nor close to be - but the more I follow it & keep myself disciplined, the more effective it become. It might worth mentioning that I work everyday - i.e 7 days per week & I don't know what week🔚s are.

Being effective & disciplined doesn't mean working 12h a day. No 👎. It means that on average I finish my tasks on time while keeping momentum, making sure I stay social, fit, happy & motivated.

The first part of 2017 was mostly about freelancing. I was working on 2-3 different projects. But I knew I had to start doing more in order to reach my goals & as @naval says:

So, together with @giladmp we developed Botnim. Botnim was (to a certain extent) a chatbot & later on a map that allowed people to find dishes by nutrition values & location. We focused only on restaurants in Tel Aviv & on useless things as well.

It took us almost 5 months to figure that we were doing something wrong. The entire time we couldn't prove that there's demand & at the end we figured that even if there is, we should move on to our next project. Then we came up with TopCallers, WhoIsAdamGold & our new upcoming project.

Although we haven't launched anything yet, it seems like we are going in the right path. You might ask yourself why I'm saying this, so that's were I should start talking about WIP & show some nice charts 😅


I should probably tell you what WIP is before I talk about it, so I'm going to use Ronald Langeveld's description for that:

I'm a member on this really awesome Telegram group called Work in Progress (or WIP) where me and fellow developers (amongst others) would write To-Do's and just chat. The To-Do's are managed by bots and it's pretty cool. You can let it know when you've completed a task and so forth. Pieter Levels wrote a detailed article about featuring WIP.

If I remember correctly, I joined WIP on Oct 14th 2017. Before that I have been managing my tasks using Trello, which is of course not shared publicly.

In the meantime, I had RescueTime installed on my Mac for the whole year. Few days ago I received my RT's yearly review & it seems like I have been a bit more productive than not productive:

Rescue Time Productivity Time

It seems like I was productive for ~5 hours per day, which IMO is quite good, because I`m not a machine 🤖

Rescue Time Pulse

And of course, most of my time looking at the screen I was working 👨‍💻

Rescue Time By Category

But the most interesting thing seems to be WHEN I became more productive:

Rescue Time By Category

It seems like since I joined WIP, I have been much more productive but I think I mainly became more efficient.

I know, RT only shows the time I have been doing things, but considering the fact that during Oct-Dec I was still doing the same freelance as before, but managed to work on Botnim, Topcallers, WhoIsAdamGold, improving this blog & start working on my upcoming Telegram related project, I think that shipping/managing my tasks in public helped me a lot.

BTW, this is not only correct for Software Development. Since I joined WIP, I have been much more present on Twitter:

Twitter Analytics

In the meanwhile, this year I want to achieve more & because I believe that working in public is a great way to do that. I have shared my 2018 goals on Twitter & am planning to keep it updated:

So hopefully next year's review will be even better 😎

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