Doing sports for the last 1.5 years has showed me how being disciplined literally ends up with great results.

@jockowillink nails it best 📌

This takes me 15 years back, when I first started to code. I knew nothing about coding but I still made my first website, which was made for my high school class, using Flash on a geocities-like web hosting. Since this moment, I kept on pushing. I couldn't really understand what I was doing but somehow it worked.

Few months in my first year in high school, the principal came to me and asked if I am interested to officially build & maintain the website & it will be counted as a public service - which you are required to do after school hours. Of course I agreed & ended up running the website also the year after. I was such a newbie. I didn’t know a thing about version control & after I stopped maintaining it, I lost the code 🤦‍♂️, but managed to save a screenshot 😳

Yoodnet We had an F icon but Facebook didn't exist during that time 😶

A year or so later, the boyfriend of an old friend of mine asked me if I would like to take over his freelance work. I took his offer although I didn't have much experience. I think I charged less than $6 USD/h if I remember correctly.

During high school & military service, I worked as a freelancer for about 2 years. Just to put things in perspective, during these 2 years I learnt about AJAX calls for first time, used Notepad++ as IDE & didn't even hear about SSH (FTP FTW 💪).

Once I finished my military service, I decided to skip university & try my luck in IT. It took me almost 3 months & an endless amount of interviews but at the end I got my first job in a real tech company - ICQ 🌼.

These experiences had taught me to never give up, to continuously keep pushing & that being patient worth more than just a 1 time success.

Today, if get to the moment in which I think about giving up, I directly think about Robert Durbin. Robert is 68 years old, a cancer warrior that NEVER gives up.

Being disciplined is not about being in the right age or having the right capabilities. Just do what you can while doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING, EVERYDAY.

This is why I encourage you to finish reading this post and start doing something right away.

If your goal is to start doing more sports, just follow the 1st tutorial you find online and improve it overtime.

If your goal is to start coding, just start coding NOW. I'd suggest checking Jennifer Dewalt 180 websites in 180 days. You don't have to code complicated stuff, actually you should start with the simplest task possible & keep adding things on the top of it. If you want me to help you with coming up with tasks hit me on Twitter.

If you are asking yourself what about my goals...

Since 2018 started, I have shipped 👷 topcallers, whoisadamgold, completely changed this blog & already working on tgupdates. I have also started to read Atlas Shrugged 🤓 & am working on doing my first bar muscleups 💪

Curious about my daily routine? Check out my work in progress 🚧 post

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